How problems of Pokémon GO can be fixed

In recent times we have seen Pokémon GO gaining immense success throughout the world, and now it has a large number of players which are enjoying this mobile game of augmented reality from Nintendo.

Although along with immense success of Pokémon GO, its players have been experiencing some problems while playing this awesome game.

If you are also one of them, then read this article, as in this we have covered some of the common problems faced by the players of Pokémon GO along with their solutions. If you need something more, then leave your comments or feedback in the below section and we’ll get back to you, with a solution for your every problem.

Connection issue with the server of Pokémon GO

The frequency with which its server goes down, leads players inability to play the game. This can be attributed to the immense popularity enjoyed by Pokémon GO, as millions of players get connected around the world to play the game, the servers fail.

As it is the server issue, as a player you can’t do anything, still, you can ensure the page of server status of Pokémon GO, which will give you insight regarding the performance of servers. This one is a fresh page of server status; it lets you have an overlook on the performance of servers. You will be able to get a notification in case servers have been online; however, this unique feature is in its nascent stage.

Spinning Pokéball is being displayed on Pokémon GO

In case you have seen a spinning Pokéball on the left corner at the top of your app, it signifies that your device have been making attempts to connect to the servers of Pokémon GO.
However, after some time this symbol should wane, but if it’s not happening, then check the page of server status (mentioned in preceding step) to check the working status of the servers.

“Signal of GPS not found” is displayed by Pokémon GO

During the game of Pokémon GO your movement is tracked through GPS, therefore the app should be connected with the GPS of the smart phone to know your position.

Before making the connection with GPS, Pokémon GO might display the message of not finding GPS signal. Yet if it stays, then you need to check that the location settings are switched on or not on your Smartphone.

On Android based gadgets, you can swipe downwards from your phone two times to get quick access to the settings menu where you would be able to find an icon of ‘Location’. Confirm that it has been highlighted which means it is on; otherwise, it is in off condition.

You can get access to location settings via Settings app also. Tap on the icon of “Location” to confirm that it is ‘On’ with ‘High Accuracy’ mode. You could try an additional app like GPS Booster also, which increases the efficiency of GPS on Android-based devices.

On Apple gadgets, you need to open settings and under ‘Privacy’ option, you will be able to find ‘Location Services’. Check whether it is green or not.

Pokémon GO isn’t opening

In case you are not able to open the app of Pokémon GO, then restart your gadget and try again. Even then if it’s not opening, then there might be some server issues which can be confirmed by checking the page of Server Status (mentioned in above steps).

In case the servers have been doing fine, still, you are not able to open the app of Pokémon GO. Then open app store for searching any updates for game of Pokémon GO and update it. If this also doesn’t work then you have to first uninstall and then reinstall the game of Pokémon GO. Make sure your data is saved in the cloud, thus when you sign in on Pokémon GO again; progress made by you remains saved.

Incense and Lure Modules not working

In case you found that both Incense and Lure Modules have not been working and have started drawing Pokémon, then you need a trick to solve this problem of Pokémon GO. You can fix it by switching the time of your Smartphone with that of the network. This is that time that has been set by the network of your mobile.

Items bought on Pokémon GO vanishes

While playing the Pokémon GO, you will be earning PokéCoins, which is in-game money that can be spent on buying premium items. However, you can use real money to purchase PokéCoins also. In case you find that those purchased items or PokéCoins have vanished, then it becomes seriously frustrating.

In case it occurs, sign out from your Pokémon GO account by tapping the icon of Pokéball which is present at the base of your screen, after that tap on Settings icon and ‘Sign Out’.

Shut down the app of Pokémon GO for some time and again reload it. After that sign in again, are your missing PokéCoins or items present now? If yes, that is fine. If it doesn’t then you have to again restart your Smartphone.

Pokémon trainer isn’t moving

While playing the game of Pokémon GO when you move, then Pokémon trainer also moves on the map, although sometimes they get stuck and walk at the same spot.

In case your trainer is not moving and you are not able to open any other menus, then it might signals that Pokémon GO app has crashed and you should restart it again.

For restarting Pokémon GO in Android, tap on the icon of recent apps which have been located at right-bottom corner in the shape of a square. Scroll through it to get Pokémon GO, after that you can tap the icon of ‘X’ present next to the name or you can also swipe towards right.

On iOS operated Apple gadgets, tap twice on Home button, select Pokémon GO, after that swipe up. After this, you can again open Pokémon GO , this time your problem should have been solved.

Pokémon GO stops while catching a Pokémon

You can understand the frustration when you are about to grab a Pokémon and your Pokémon GO freezes and crash or while you are in battle and the same happens.

In case your app has become unresponsive. Otherwise, the Pokéball thrown by you stopped spinning or you are unable to open any menus, then first of all check that whether it started working by switching off your connection of data and again on with the help of Airplane mode.

In case it doesn’t happen, you need to again start Pokémon GO. First, check that Pokémon GO is completely closed, then only turn on the Airplane mode. After that again restart Pokémon GO and wait for a message which displays no internet connection.

Then switch off the airplane mode. After the app gets loaded then you might find the same Pokémon you wanted to grab is already in your own Poké bag.

The performance of Pokémon GO is slow and crashes frequently

In case Pokémon GO persists crashing or if its speed is slow while you are playing, then kindly checks that you are using the latest updated version of it.

Open the app store on both of the iPhone or Android devices, and explore Pokémon GO to check that whether an update is waiting for you or not. By maintaining Pokémon GO regularly updated you will be able to get rid of bugs as well as crashes as its developers are improving the experience and game on a continuous basis.

Most recent update or version 1.0.3 have shown decreased loading time as well as augmented speeds for transfer which has improved the performance of Pokémon GO. It has solved many of the issues related to crashes and bugs, so keep your Pokémon GO updated regularly.

Pokémon GO is not working on my Smartphone

Pokémon GO usually performs on a large array of both Android as well as iOS devices, in case you are having an older version device, then it may not work. In a case of iPhone devices, minimum iPhone 5 otherwise latest ones with an operating system of iOS8 or more are required.

In the case of Android devices, those who have Android 4.4 Kitkat otherwise latest versions with minimum 1280 X 720 of display resolution are required.

In case your device doesn’t have these minimum requirements, then you cannot enjoy Pokémon GO. In case you need it badly purchase a new Smartphone with these specifications.

Battery gets drained easily while enjoying Pokémon GO

The game of Pokémon GO utilizes both your GPS as well as data connection- a potential combination which easily eats up your battery.

To save your battery while enjoying Pokémon GO test out guide on how to conserve the life of battery of your phone while playing Pokémon GO.

We have also carried out a comparison of some well-known Smartphones around the world so as to determine the one which displays best battery performance while enjoying Pokémon GO. In case you are planning to upgrade your phone, go through our video displayed below for further guidance.

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