Pokémon GO: A Guide for Beginners

Pokémon GO received its huge popularity all around the world. For playing it you just require Smartphone and desire to go exterior. But in reality, what it is?

If you do not have any knowledge regarding it, then you have come to the right place. Today in this article we are going to cover the main fundamentals of the Pokémon and important things you should be aware regarding Pokémon Go.

What is actually Pokémon?

In case you have not been aloof from the remaining world, you might have heard about Pokémon earlier also. It would be an odd situation if you haven’t played any of its game till now.

It is basically a series comprising of a game of trading cards, TV Shows, Video games, Films and much more, but the basic fundamental is to explore a new world while gathering wild animals which have gained popularity as Pokémon.

A player will be able to confine them by deploying their own army of Pokémon against them, and once they become weak, then by tossing a “Poke Ball” you can trap these Pokémon. However dissimilar to the actual world, the captured Pokémon doesn’t get angry, in fact, it created a bond with you.

From years many Pokémon has got added to the series now totaling up to 751. These comprise of critters that resemble creatures of the real world like Pidgey, a brutal pigeon, or for fulfilling your fantasy Mewtwo, a psychic individual which looks like an alien.

Alongside gathering new Pokémon creatures, you need to train them and increase their levels of strength so as they become more powerful and releasing new capabilities for them to obtain. This can also be obtained by fighting battles which give an edge of RPF to the games.

Pokemon GO Gameplay - Capture that Porygon

What do you mean by Pokémon Go?

It has brought the concept of Pokémon in this real world. Its players are yet in beginning phase, but in case you want to play it you need to walk physically in spite of discovering the virtual world.

Pokémon Go displays the actual world’s map in which your position is also mentioned. By moving in different directions you will be able to counter Pokémon, which can be confined with the help of Poke ball.

Other than to go exterior to play this game, there are also still much dissimilarity between the games of Pokémon Go and additional games of Pokémon.

First one is it is absolutely free and accessible free of cost for both iOS as well as android Phones. It is also one of the reasons that contribute to its high popularity as preceding Pokémon games were restricted for use on Nintendo hardware, while also charging money for usage.

Another major difference is as Pokémon Go is basically an improved game of reality because when you have found a Pokémon then you can see it by the camera of your phone which has been superimposed on the genuine world.

Choose your earliest Pokémon

Just like other games of Pokémon, in Pokémon Go also you have to select your 1st Pokémon from limited options of three. These 3 options include Squirtle, a Pokémon of water resembling a turtle. Second is Charmander, a combination of dragon and dinosaur, and third one Bulbasaur, a plant who possess legs.

You can choose any one out of these three, as all of them possess equal potential.

Types of Pokémon

All the Pokémon looks different and belongs to different categories on the basis of which they have certain advantages and drawbacks. Their range consists of normal conditions, fighting, poison, and ability to fly, earth, rock, insects, steel, ghost, water, fire, grass, electronic, ice, psychic, darkness, dragon, and fairy.

Every one of them possesses certain strengths and weakness against each other, similar to the sport of rock and paper scissors. To remember all these advantages and drawbacks might be cumbersome while some are fairly evident, for instance types of water can damage a lot to the fire types, whereas fire type does the same to grass type.

Pokémon Go would inform you in case you are employing a type that is not effective against whom you are battling, therefore it needs some time to learn that.

Power and Developments

In the game of Pokémon Go, the Pokémon do not reach different levels, in fact, you need to increase their power with the help of ‘stardust’, that is gathered by arresting Pokémon, and particular ‘candy’ precisely for that Pokémon. It can be done by arresting more Pokémon from identical species.

You could develop your Pokémon with the help of candies and turn them to a dissimilar and more powerful Pokémon. The majority of them can develop minimum once, while some possess the power for multiple developments. For instance, Charmander evolves to Charmeleon initially which is basically a larger, annoyed version of the earlier form, which can be evolved into Charizard that looks like a dragon and possesses wings.

Forming a group

The main amusing part of Pokémon Go is to locate and collect new wonderful Pokémon in your collection. For doing this you need to explore more areas in comparison to your garden because different Pokémon can be located in their related environment. Like a Pokémon of water, this type can be found near a water body like river or oceans.

To build up a powerful team you need different types of Pokémon, so never concentrate on strengthening of one kind only and for conquering the tough gyms you need a range of them.


Battles constitute a small part in the game of Pokémon Go as compared to the main game series. It is because there is no need to fight a Pokémon in order to arrest them, you just need to toss Poke ball whenever you locate them.

Although there are gym battles, in which you have to fight with the creatures of another player, therefore be ready for a confrontation.

Fights in this game are also different, as in most of the Pokémon games attacks takes place on the basis of turns, in this Pokémon hit in actual time. You can tap an enemy so that to do fundamental attack. Also, you can touch and hold for using a stronger Pokémon and can move right or left to prevent you from getting hit.

What do you mean by gyms?

The majority of the Pokémon games, tough trainers can be found in gyms. In the game of Pokémon Go, they need to be protected from Pokémon of another player.

They are located in the real world, mostly near landmarks or places of interest; however they can be easily spotted as they are present in the form of biggest icons located on the map of the game.

They are under the control of either of 3 teams – red, yellow and blue. As your trainer arrives at the level of 5 (which can be achieved by gathering Pokémon and carrying out different activities within the game) you can choose a team and fight on their behalf for claiming gyms.

By winning fights conducted at gyms you can earn experience points which will help to increase your level. In case you have gathered control over gym of the enemy, you can depart one Pokémon of yours to protect it. This should be done as for each 21 hours of presence of your Pokémon at that gym you will earn poke coins which can be used at the shop of the game and to earn stardust for strengthening your creatures.

What’s up coming?

For Pokémon Go, there is no end. As of now you just need to collect more and more Pokémon while conquering command of local gyms; however the game will develop more along with time. As this game already has many players on Nintendo, therefore there is a great chance for capitalization by adding more contents.

Still, with present contents it can become your next obsession, therefore learn tips to save your battery too, so that your phone does not die when you are about to catch a Pokémon.

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