Guide for tips and tricks of Pokémon GO

We all have become huge fans of Pokémon GO, and here we are going to provide some of the useful tricks and tips so that you can enjoy Pokémon GO more.

Continue checking this awesome guide as more tricks and tips are added by us. Since the launch of the Pokémon GO, we have accumulated many new tricks and tips of Pokémon GO. We aim to keep this guide evolving further. We have added a brand new video too that displays the comparison of some well-known smartphones to exhibit their battery performance while enjoying Pokémon GO.

Here we have 35 topmost tricks and tips of Pokémon GO which will transform your phone to a veritable portal of Poké.

If you are a novice for Pokémon, then kindly check our Beginners Guide: Pokémon GO which will guide you for starting.

In case you face any troubles while playing Pokémon GO, then you can check how problems of Pokémon GO can be fixed to get solutions for your problems.

1. Continuous app updating

As our ‘how problems of Pokémon GO’ tool kit shows, that there are few issues while playing Pokémon GO which gives not so happy results while playing the game.

And thus to have a better customer experience, the application of Pokémon GO is continuously updated for inclusion of new features and to increase its stability. Hence our first tip is that the user make sure to update the application continuously and play on the latest version.

To update the app, go to app store and look for Pokémon GO, if a latest version is available, you will see an update tab. You can also activate automatic updates for the application for your mobile phone.

If a latest version is launched, it will improve the game speed, load times, transfer speed and will also address few glitches experienced previously.

2. Catch Pikachu as your first Pokemon

As you enter into the game of Pokémon GO, we have helped you with an attractive tip to catch Pikachu, the popular electric Pokémon as your first Pokémon.

Create a new account for Pokémon GO and select your favorite player. You’ll be requested to choose a Pokémon by the Professor – and here you will be provided with a chance to get hold of Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle, which are the classic starter characters.

Rather than selecting any one from the above, keep on walking away from them. While repeating these steps three to five times, you will come across Pikachu, which you can select as your starter Pokémon.

3. Trail of leaves sign of wild Pokemon

The Pokémon GO game works on augmented reality that does not require that you continuously use the camera of your smartphone to gaze into the world. Rather than, you can play the majority of game by navigating through the virtual map of your residence area.

As the objective of the game is to capture Pokémon and to evolve them through training, thus you are supposed to hunt them in the wild. Trail of leaves swirling on the virtual map is the best sign of catching a nearby wild Pokémon. Follow these random trials to get hold of Pokémon. Please note: as different areas will have different Pokémon, so be cautious to change your location.

4. Master the trick of catching

When you aim to pitch for a wild Pokémon, what matter is that you get hold of that creature and add it in your increasing roster.

Use a special mode known as ‘’Capture’ rather than hunting for the wild Pokémon in the regular game. The virtual reality is exchanged for the real one as your smartphone camera moves into augmented reality.

Concentrate your camera on the Pokémon you are in search and you will notice that the pointer in the form of white ring will change its size and color. Tip: there is high possibility to hunting the Pokémon, if the size of the ring is smaller.

Check the color of the white ring before throwing a Pokéball as the color suggests: green means easy, yellow means moderate and red means tough. Be aware of these colors, as they will help you in mastering the game.

5. Drop AR camera to catch the Pokemon

Augmented reality will make you come across some funny screenshots, but the reality is different as it quite tough to catch Pokémon in Pokémon GO using AR.

Tip: Click on the option ‘AR’ during Capture mode available on the top-right side of your screen to get better returns from throwing off the Pokéball and unnecessary not paying for Master Pokéballs.

By clicking ‘Capture’ mode, you will be taken into the virtual world and your real camera will be switch off. The visual impression is not as good as the real camera but it will improve your catch rate.

6. Don’t be afraid to have doubles

As the visual appearance of Pokémon is completely random in the game due to difference in time, location and nearby landmarks, hence there is a possibility that you can catch more than one Pokémon that resembles each other.

Don’t think that you have wasted your Pokéball, as catching similar Pokémon has its advantage. You can trade your extra Pokémon to Professor Willow in exchange for a candy, which will help Pokémon to evolve and also increase the statistics of your favorite Pokémon. To trade your extra Pokémon, click on Pokéball icon, then select the ‘Pokémon’ and click on ‘Transfer’ to drop the Pokémon you have selected.

7. Choose better move sets for Pokemon

While playing Pokémon GO, you will have chances that you hunt same Pokémon twice. If you find that you will capture a similar Pokémon, then please check the past moves you have taken for catching the wild Pokémon (once you catch a Pokémon’s you can find the information about the moves in the Pokémon’s information screen), and so you can go for different and better moves set than you have done in the past.

And so for this remember the tip: Catch the new Pokémon and then exchange your old Pokémon against a better fighter. It’s cruel, but this is how it works.

8. Choose different times for playing the game

You will find different Pokémon at different times of the day. And so if you go in the same area every day, then go at different time to catch different Pokémon.

While playing the game it is also recommended to often take different routes to your office or home to catch new Pokémon, but be cautious while taking unknown routes in late night. Pokémon GO can be addicted, but safety is the first priority.

9. Use Razz Berries along with PokéBalls

If you come across a rare Pokémon, you want let it escape.

An amazing trick to make the task much easier to catch these rare Pokémon is to use razz berries along with strong PokéBalls. Throw off an Ultra or Great Ball once Pokémon has swallowed the razz berry to catch Pokémon. It will increase the chances of capturing.

Tap on the Backpack to access razz berry, and then choose a razz berry from the available list. This action will pass on the razz berry to the Pokémon you have seen.

10. Use Pokecoins to buy lures and incense

Although Pokémon GO is a free game, however there are lot of micro transactions that will make use of the real money to purchase various items.

And either you pile up the items with real dollars or by making the use of defense of gyms (more information is give further), however the difference will lies in how you will you spend that moolah.

You might first think to pile up the items, but there is great availability of the free items. If you went to each PokéStop on your trip, the items will be regularly dropped. You can use your coins to purchase incense and lures which are rare items.

11. Lure Pokémon using Incense

Till the time you don’t master the Pokémon GO and take up full time hunting, you have to stop and walk around to find for rustling leaves, significant landmarks and PokéStops.

When you are stuck somewhere may be at home or office, make use of the lures so that you can attract the Pokémon. Use the item incense to lure Pokémon. For this at the bottom of the screen, hit Pokéball, click on items and then choose ‘Incense’ to lure Pokémon that will highlight the creature with a purple ring around it.

12. Make incense stronger and more effective

Incense can be use in a better way to lure Pokémon. Although it can be used without moving too, but it was discovered by a Reddit user that incense work better in a moving condition.

As per the code, if incense is used in standing condition, it will spawn one Pokémon per five minutes. However if it is used in moving condition, it will spawn one Pokémon per minute or almost in every 200 meters distance you covered. So make sure while using incense, you move around to make the most out of it.

13. Boost Pokémon power before evolving

It is not clearly mentioned in the game that for an evolved Pokémon, its power is directly proportional to the strength it possess before evolving. So to own some powerful Pokémon, use stardust and large number of candies to make the Pokémon more powerful.

Apply this trick on the most useful Pokémon as it will powered them to defend gyms in the honor of your team.

14. Evolve and revive downed Pokémon

Pokémon might also get injured over the weeks. But that’s fine, as everyone likes a bruiser, but what if you’re favorite Pokémon get knock down at the most required time? Well, don’t worry, there is an emergency trick you can use to overcome this situation.

You can again evolved your downed Pokémon by applying stardust and feeding it with candies. With this trick your Pokémon will revive and completely evolve with full health.

15. Coin generation source- Gyms and PokéStops

Pokémon GO uses coins as its currency, but like other games Pokémon GO is also stingy in giving coins. And in the game, coins are mandatory once you cross level 20 as XP accumulates slowly so you have to buy items and for this you require more coins.

PokéStops drop coins at very slow pace and so they are not consider a good option for collection of coins.

Rather than PokéStops, Gyms offer more gold. You earn a defense bonus when you defend a gym that counts to 10 coins. So it’s better to defend the gym to increase coin collection.

16. Understand opponent power before attacking

Pokémon GO’s game is also designed on the theories of the main games from which is it designed. It implies that few Pokémon will be either naturally stronger or weaker against other Pokémon. And so if you are fighting in a local gym and throwing Poképunches, be cautious and smart enough to verify which Pokémon is standing to defend.

Play smartly, don’t just use the most powerful Pokémon from your collection. Understand your opponent power and then choose your Pokémon for a fight. At times a weaker Pokémon is a better choice than a powerful one.

17. Don’t only win- defend the gym too

Real Pokémon GO starts when you come to level 5. Now you can join among the three teams Valor, Mystic or Instinct and can earn cash or coin by defending gyms.

Other trainers after winning a gym leave their powerful or favorite Pokémon to further defend them. And to win you have to enter into Combat more to own the territory. Once you won, you also leave your best Pokémon to further defend the gym.

The advantage of defending a gym will bring you with the supply of more coin bonuses which you can avail from the shop menu from the top right.

18. Visit PokeStops to earn prizes

Turn special landmarks in your area into interactive events using PokéStops. Visiting PokéStops will help you with accessing eggs for generation of new Pokémon, Pokéballs for capturing new Pokémon, and access to Potions or Revives which are used in Combat mode for healing downed Pokémon.

Make sure to daily visit the same area for PokéStops, or to reap more rewards in your journey, open the app in different areas. To make use of it, go nearby to it, click on the blue icon, and make it spin by swiping. You will notice that all your random collection from PokéStops will appear.

19. Keep the app open to hatch eggs

Unlike other games of Pokémon, hatching eggs is still a thing for Pokémon GO. This time you are required to monitor to accelerate the process as eggs favor a Tamagotchi.

Hatching rate of eggs is dependent on how many kilometers you cover while the app is open. And this is only the solution till the time Pokémon GO wearable is launched. You need to ensure to place the egg in an incubator to hatch so that you can monitor the distance you walked.

To check Poké ovum progress, tap Pokéball, choose eggs from the available menu list. Please note the Pokémon come out of the egg randomly, so there could be a chance you get a similar Pokémon again, but don’t be disappointed as you can trade them.

20. High battery consumption

Pokémon GO consumes a huge amount of battery. As the game is designed in such a way, that you need to keep the GPS, Wi-Fi, cameras and the application open while playing the game. The app sucks a huge amount of battery and even with the newest phone the battery does not support even half an hour.

Nintendo says they are finding a better solution, however for the time being you have to look for an alternative way. For the alternative ways you can buy a power bank and can also switch off the AR permanently.

21. Save battery by activating battery saver mode

If you are not keen in carrying an extra battery or power bank, it is advisable to activate the batter saver mode of Pokémon GO to prevent your phone from quick battery discharge.

In the top right corner, go to “Setting”, check the battery saver option by scrolling down the list. After that dim your screen display by turning your handset screen upside down. The game is still on as the mode neither shut the game nor lock your phone.

By this way you can catch hold of the Pokémon and also save your battery life.

Watch the below video to see how long the battery last for the best smartphones globally while playing the game Pokémon GO.

22. Earn Additional XP Using a Curve Ball

Pokémon GO provides you with plenty of innovative ways through which you can easily capture a Pokémon and can level up quickly.

When you are going to capture a Pokémon, then hold Poke Ball in addition to with the help of your finger give it a circular movement. This will lead to formation of curve ball. In case you are able to catch a Pokémon through this strike, you will earn some additional XP.

23. Save Your Data with the Help of Offline Maps

Pokémon GO uses data for a map from Google, therefore if you can download the areas of your house and office with the help of app of Google Maps, then it will surely enhance the experience of the game of Pokémon GO.

Open the app of Google Maps and chose the Menu for settings (displayed by a symbol along with 3 horizontal lines), then select “Offline areas”.

Now press the symbol of ‘+’ and utilize the map for creating a square of that area you wish to download and press ‘Download’.

This will help you to save your data of mobile and it will also allow you to save your battery of Smartphone while enjoying Pokémon GO.

24. Utilize Lures of Other Players for Catching Pokémon

In the game of Pokémon GO, Pokémon’s numbers captured can be augmented by using either Lure Module or Incense which is able to draw a Pokémon towards a particular Pokéstop.

Incense is for the individual player only and can be used by the one who make it active, whereas, in the case of Lures, it is for everyone. You might have seen lures of other’s players also while playing and these are present in the map in the form of confetti.

To make use of Lure of another player, just stay near to it, and soon you will be able to find additional Pokémon without using your own Lure.

25. Keep Watching the Nearby Pokémon

While enjoying the game of Pokémon GO, you might have seen icons of Pokémon/their shadows on the right-bottom side of the screen.

This displays your nearby Pokémon. Press on that to get access to a bigger Nearby menu, which displays all Pokémon close to you. You are able to check their proximity by measuring the no. of prints of paws mentioned beneath them which means the larger number of paw prints; the more distant they are from you.

For immediate indication, the closest Pokémon is displayed on the left side of the top of Nearby window.

26. Follow a Pokémon

The process of capturing Pokémon can become easier by following or tracking those Pokémon you wish to capture.

You can follow a Pokémon by choosing them in the menu of Nearby. It will be surrounded by a blue colored circle, when you will go to the core map then the Pokémon selected by you will be displayed in the right-bottom corner with paw prints. This can be utilized to get close to the selected Pokémon.

27. Increase the Levels of Gyms Belonging To Your Team

Other than capturing gyms of other teams you can battle with your own gym to enhance their level also. You have the limit of using only one Pokémon; nevertheless, with each monster defeated by you at gym the XP of the gym will increase too.

After gym has required XP, its level will be increased, unlocking more openings to be defended by Pokémon. Now, either you or other team members have to leave one Pokémon at the gym.

After your gym becomes impenetrable, you are able to enjoy the coins that will come to you in the form of defender’s bonus.

28. Give Some Time to Lucky Egg

In case you are not able to fill your Pokédex, then by evolving your Pokémon you can earn the highest amount of XP.

You are able to benefit from this, by preserving your evolutions in case you have an activated lucky egg. The various items at Pokéstops make the amount of XP twice which is received by you for 30 minutes.

Therefore don’t transfer all the Pidgies you have accumulated, rather than try to evolve them when you have an activated lucky egg. In case properly done, you will be able to receive 1000 XP for each evolution, within no time you will be able to reach higher levels.

29. Public Transport a Wonderful Place for Playing Pokémon GO

We have discovered that by enjoying Pokémon GO while travelling on the public transports like trains or buses, you will be able to capture those Pokémon which you won’t be able to get in your neighborhood surroundings.

You travel more distance while using public transport and it’s better to play Pokémon GO only when you are safe and not driving. Thus Pokémon GO makes your boring commute quite interesting.

30. Increase Levels to Earn Rewards

More Pokémon GO means more earned XP and thus after reaching a particular quantity of XP you will reach a higher level. Each new level brings unique rewards.

Till level 10 a rising amount of experience points is required for achieving a higher level. Every time the level increases, the amount also increases by thousand XP. The initial 2 levels provide you with additional Poké Balls on reaching a new level, however, other levels brings more exciting rewards for you.

On reaching Level five you are able to unlock Revives, Potions as well as Gyms. You will be able to achieve one Incense, ten revives and ten Potions.

Level 8 brings ten Potions, five Revives, fifteen Poké Balls, one Lure Modulator and ten Razz Berry.

Level ten releases Super Potions, 12th Level releases Great Balls, 15th Level releases Hyper Potions, while 20th Level releases Ultra Balls.

31. Be Ready For Difficult Battles at Higher Levels

Like other games on increasing the level of the game the difficulty level also gets enhanced. Once easily captured Pokémon with low powers becomes really tough to catch now. The credit goes to their higher capability of avoiding capture. Therefore at increased levels more Pokéballs will be required to catch a Pokémon.

As earlier mentioned the number of experienced points increases on getting to a new level. By level thirty you will require 500,000 XP to play the game.

If you are able to gain at least 100,000 XP each day, still it will take around one week for you to go to Level 32 from 31. Therefore get ready to face tough challenges as you progressed towards higher levels.

32. Engage Tools of Third Party to Find Pokémon

Pokémon GO has been the new craze and numerous companies are joining it. While many companies have started to get associated with Pokémon GO, numerous are releasing such tools which can prove to be useful for novice Pokémon catchers.

As an instance, in the UK giffgaff a mobile network along with what3words have created a map known as find.catch.share that highlights that area where Pokémon are present and also places for charging your phone along with Gyms and Battles.

Pokévision is also one of the alternatives by the third party which utilizes the data of Niantic to highlight the places on the map where a Pokémon is close to you. It displays Pokémon’s icon and gets updated during real time.

Yelp also joined this and has created a filter through which you will be able to find closely located PokéStops. It turns exceptional landmarks into events which can be found with the help of Yelp.

33. Get Alerts of Pokémon on Your Unique Smartwatch

We all have got addicted to Pokémon GO but it’s not always secure to keep looking at your mobile phone screens. In that case, a brand new app known as PokeDetector have been developed which permits you to get alerts of Pokémon GO on Smartwatch having Android operating system (it is not accessible for Apple Watch).

You can get notifications from your smart watch with this app and when you find a Pokémon, you can take your Smartphone out in order to catch it.

However, a cautious suggestion, as this app uses the unofficial code of Pokémon GO as of now, therefore there is the likelihood of getting your account banned. Therefore, to be safe, use another account for using PokeDetector app.

34. Give Name to Your Eevee to Decide Its Development

Eevee is an exclusive Pokémon which can develop into 3 different forms – Jolteon which is a Pokémon of electric-type, Flareon which is a Pokémon of fire-type and Vapereon which is a Pokémon of water-type.

It has been found that by giving a particular name to your Eevee, it will develop into that form which you want. For instance, you name your Eevee Sparky, then it will develop into a Jolteon.

This trick really works.

35. Spend in Pokémon GO Plus

In reality, we all love enjoying Pokémon GO, but it is not quite possible to always play it. Therefore Pokémon GO Plus is a unique way through which you will be able to receive notifications without any access to the app.

It is wearable with Pokéball theme which is only available at the official Stores of Nintendo. In case you are planning for a long haul with Pokémon GO, then this wearable with the ability of Bluetooth priced at the US $ 34.99 or £ 34.99 is a must for you.

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